Abby Abdullah Photography brand is the milestone of Vibrato Events & Media co, a dynamic and evolving events and media management company committed to offer superior integrated and innovative & management solutions. We are a team of experienced, young, creative, dynamic and competent professionals.

Born in 2012, after a few years in the United Kingdom event's industry, Abby Abdullah Photography brand became synonymous of prestige in Kolkata's reality. Winner of 2013 Best Photographer award, it did a lot of road since then and it is now leading the wedding and event divisions, mostly know for bringing in the candid fashion, into its cutter of moments.

Abby Abdullah photography style is refined, chic and timeless. Every click is special and froze in time with a brilliant artistic and creative touch which will last generations' long.

Destination Weddings with Candid photography and cinematography is our daily bread as we like to travel and photograph new realities and their true essence through the matured experience grown after hundreds of events and weddings testified all over India,Italy,Thailand and the UK.

The Cinematography team is branded under the name Mystical Films led by Luisa Schileo, an Italian born enthusiastic and positive attitude professional based in the UK. Driven by a natural curiosity into the world dazzling wonders, she sees photography as a moment of fine art and creation. She doesn't won't to simply record the day as it comes, but movie-style, love stories instead.

Born as an ace candid photographer, she knows ins and outs of the photography industry and it shows through her work.

Our company’s approach is very friendly towards the client.

In the moment we interact with them and share our time lines, we treat them as our own family.

We mix both Candid and Conventional photography to suit clients of all age group without keeping in a dull moment. Being one of the most important experience in the family life, we make sure to relay and foster a fun filled experience every time they go through the pictures, as memories to be cherished forever.


  • Knowing the importance of capturing the emotions and private moments, Abby has a unique way of storytelling through his pictures which reflects his own style and conceptualization.
  • His interest in Photography sparked when he was in the UK meanwhile his Sound Engineering studies.
  • Qualified as a Sound engineer from SAE (one of the top institution in the world in music production), he started his career as a DJ specialized in Bollywood and House music.
  • Although he has been playing in the best clubs both in London and Kolkata, that was not enough to feed Abby's artistic vain, till he landed on photography.
  • Passions as cherry’s never come in pair of two without calling for a third and thereby it follows the passion for bikes. Lover of the combination of speed and freedom that only bikes can deliver to that extent, he will always be spotted on highways doing interstate tours or just weekend rides on his Harley Davidson motorcycle, one of the favorites from his collection of Motorbikes.
  • Turning back to his professional side, Although weddings are Abby's ace of cards, he also specializes in an endless list of other occurrences: i.e. Pre-wedding, fashion, product, maternity and baby photoshoots, couple portraits, musical events and concerts, baby shower, birthday and anniversary parties, etc.

Based in Kolkata (India) Abby can be reached through the contact forum www.abbyabdullahphotography.com

For further contacts and enquiries

Email : abbyabdullahphotography@gmail.com
Facebook : Abby Abdoullah photography
Tel : +91 9903323400

For bookings in Italy and UK

Email : luisa.schileo@hotmail.com
Contact number : 0039 3937613663; 07448491601